Critically-Acclaimed Editions by Stanley Yates

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From Classical Guitar Study Editions


Ferdinando CARULLI Guitaromanie (vol. 1): Arrangements for Two Guitars of Music by Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, and Rossini (CGSE-0030, 2014. 148 pages)

Period arrangements for two guitars of major piano and orchestral works by Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and Rossini. Includes background text, full scores, and individual parts presented in a faithful modern typeset reproduction of the originals with editorial corrections.


Wenzeslaus Thomas MATIEGKA Complete Solo Guitar Sonatas (CGSE-0050, 2017. 158 pages)

A practical modern performance edition of the complete surviving solo guitar sonatas of the early nineteenth-century Viennese guitarist-composer Wenzeslaus Thomas Matiegka. Matiegka’s guitar sonatas embrace the sonata style of Haydn on the one hand, Beethoven on the other, and include full-blown concert works along with works for serious recreational guitarists. Includes comprehensive notes relating to Matiegka, his compositional style, and his technical approach to the instrument.

"Any publication with Stanley Yates' name on it is going to be worth whatever time and effort it takes to get into it, and this tome is no exception...all of the works are thoroughly interesting and involving, and Yates' detailed and fascinating 24 pages of historical research and analysis are most enlightening."


Antonio VIVALDI Complete Cello Sonatas Arranged for Guitar (CGSE-0020, 2014. 84 pages)

A set of nine high-quality four-movement sonatas written by one of the major composers of his time arranged in idiomatic and stylistic settings for the modern guitar. Includes detailed background and performance information.

"Wonderfully adapted to the guitar, sounding perfectly natural...any of them would be a superb concert choice...the preface is detailed and fascinating, as one would expect from Yates"

"a welcome contribution to the rich and multifaceted flora of baroque music transcribed for guitar"

"Fabulous addition to guitar repertoire. Very idiomatic and high quality arrangements. The forward is excellent as well. A must buy."

"Great addition to the intermediate guitar repertoire. As I play these pieces, I imagine that I've stumbled into an undiscovered vault of Vivaldi's compositions for guitar...these pieces are stunningly beautiful, as would be expected from this great composer."

"This is a superb edition of some very attractive music. The transcriptions are completely fluent and idiomatic, very stylish, and all lie comfortably under the fingers. The detailed Introduction provides lots of valuable background information on the music (particularly on issues of articulation and ornamentation). Mr Yates' wonderful edition of the Bach cello suites was a revelation to me when I first came across it ten years ago, and I still play through it regularly and with great enjoyment. This edition of the Vivaldi sonatas is an ideal companion volume to it."


Stanley YATES Classical Guitar Technique from Foundation to Mastery—Part 1 Foundation (CGSE-0040-1, 2016. 198 pages)

Intended for intermediate and advanced players alike, Classical Guitar Technique from Foundation to Virtuosity, offers a step by step guide to optimizing the basic foundation of playing technique and to developing it to the highest levels of advanced playing in a day to day sequence of short, clearly explained practice sessions. In 81 progressive lessons, CGT provides a comprehensive and precisely-structured approach to the full development of playing technique in a time-efficient way.

Part 1 is devoted to optimization of the fundamental movement forms required for playing the guitar.

"A new guitarist should be without this groundbreaking pair of volumes."



Stanley YATES Classical Guitar Technique from Foundation to Mastery—Part 2 Mastery and Virtuosity (CGSE-0040-2, 2016. 240 pages)

Part 2 develops the advanced techniques required for mastery and virtuosity.

"With this work, Stanley Yates goes beyond the traditional concept of the guitar method or the guitar technique treatise. The history of the instrument includes outstanding examples, but none that constitutes an adequate precedent to this book from the Anglo-American master..."


In the Stanley Yates Series from Mel Bay Publications


Isaac ALBENIZ 26 Pieces Arranged for the Guitar (MB 97344, 1999. 192 pages)

  • includes all the standard items of the Albéniz 'guitar repertory,' along with additional pieces that complete many of the suites and other groupings published during the composer's lifetime
  • based on the earliest editions of the piano originals, faithful to the original expression markings, tempos, and phrasing indications
  • contains extensive background information on Albéniz, his musical style, and the pieces

Pavana-Capriccio, Op. 12; Suite española, Op. 47 (Granada, Cataluna, Sevilla, Cuba); Recuerdos de viaje, Op. 71 (Rumores de la caleta, En la playa); Doce piezas caracteristicas, Op. 92 (Minuetto a Sylvia, Torre Bermeja); Dos danzas españolas, Op. 164 (Jota aragonesa-Aragón, Tango); España, seis hojos de álbum, Op. 165 (Preludio, Tango, Malagueña, Serenata, Capricho catalán, Zorzico); Serenata español (Cádiz), Op.181; Mallorca Op. 202; Zambra granadina; Càdiz-gaditana; Chants d"Espagne, Op. 232 (Prélude—Asturias-leyenda, Orientale, Bajo la palmera (Sous la palmier), danse espagnole, Cordoba, Seguidillas (Castilla).

"A volume of very innovative transcriptions which have a greater aesthetic affinity to the six strings than has ever been before...surpasses at great length the Albeniz of Tarrega, Llobet and Segovia (one doesn't even speak of the others).” Angelo Gilardino, SUONARE MAGAZINE, Italy

“The work of transcriber-adaptor completed by Yates reaches in this publication such graphic precision, musical exactness and good instrumental taste as to really serve as the basis for a new, modern and efficacious re-reading of this repertory. For a contemporary guitarist who wants to draw nearer to a repertory rich in satisfaction although not original, Yates’ version appears in our opinion a sort of unavoidable fulcrum.” IL FRONIMO, Italy

"A wonderfully lavish, scholarly production...the arrangements are extremely good...plenty of changes and surprises...the fingering is well thought out and the presentation is second to none." CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE, England

"From the Piano to the Guitar: Albeniz from the Original Sources...bold and interesting approaches, as we have come to expect from Stanley Yates, the collection includes biographical notes concerning the life of Albeniz and a comprehensive discussion of the musical style of Albeniz, which elevate this edition above comparable collections." GUITAR AKTUELL, Germany


J. S. BACH Six Cello Suites Arranged for the Guitar (MB 96743, 1998. 192 pages)

  • fully-fingered performance scores with carefully placed page turns
  • comparison scores which place a transposed version of the originals side-by-side with the arrangements
  • an extensive guide to arranging, interpreting, and performing the music of Bach on the guitar

"This is a transcription that makes history...since the time of Segovia's version of the Chaconne (1934) there has not been, in the history of guitar transcription, a more important event...a new Bach for the guitar, at the same time serious and audacious...Yates renders the suites full, smooth, elegant, and persuasive as they have never been before...” Angelo Gilardino, SUONARE MAGAZINE, Italy

"This edition sets the bar extremely high… the edition stands tall as a superb transcription, as a starting point for a new/unique transcription, as an educational resource to teach, as a reference for learning, and as a springboard to inspire further investigation into these fascinating topics." SOUNDBOARD MAGAZINE, US

“a review cannot fully do it justice." CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE, England

“the most original of all the arrangements of Bach's Cello Suites..." GENDAI GUITAR, Japan

"a remarkable edition...a significant contribution to the musical understanding of the cello suites..." GUITAR AKTUELL, Germany


Stepan RAK The Guitar Music of Stepan Rak (vol. 1) (MB 96730, 1999. 69 pages)

Czech guitarist-composer Stepan Rak is regarded as one of the most creative and innovative guitarists of the late twentieth century. Eclectic and unique, his music combines depth of expression with technical innovation and brilliant virtuosity. Despite numerous recordings and published editions, however, much of Rak's best music remains unpublished or unavailable. This volume contains five concert works written between 1986-89, each displaying a unique facet of Rak's compositional style: Elegy - Hommage a Sibelius, The Czech Fairy Tales, Aria de Bohemia, Song for David, Sonata Mongoliana. 

“nothing Western compares with it, nothing has this incredible force and energy. This book brings before everyone the work of a very special musician - an inspired writer with an immense array of brilliant techniques to interest, entertain and astonish. Good to see these excellent works in print at last." CLASSICAL GUITAR, England.


Ernest SHAND 23 Guitar Solos from Victorian England (MB 98765, 2000. 79 pages)

Ernest Shand (1868-1924), the leading figure amongst the guitarists of Victorian England, is known today for only a handful of the many pieces published during his lifetime. This edition of 23 pieces, taken from his output of 220 opus numbers, reveals a guitar composer of great originality and charm who had a gift for spinning an infectious melody. While, in form and general character, Shand's style is reminiscent of the piano miniatures of such contemporaries as Grieg or MacDowell, at times of Chopin, his sentimental melodies and colourful harmonies impart a unique Victorian flavor which seems to echo the sing-along anthems and nostalgia of the English music halls.

This re-typeset edition is based on the original publications of Shand's music contained in the Bickford Collection housed at the International Guitar Research Archive, California State University, Northridge, CA. All of Shand's original fingerings are reproduced, and are augmented with easily distinguishable editorial fingerings which suggest solutions for passages left unfingered in the originals or that provide alternatives to those original fingerings that may prove problematic for the modern player.

The edition also includes commentary relating to Shand's life, his musical style, and his performance technique. 

Dance Capriccio, Op. 28, Fantasie Irlandaise, Op. 59, Andante expressivo, Op. 60, Tsigane, Op. 66, Sorrow and Song, Op. 70, The Gnomes, Op. 77, Dance Antique, Op. 88, Funeral March, Op. 89, Hungarian Dance, Op. 96, Morceau lyrique No. 1, Op. 97, Cradle Song, Op. 99, Morceau lyrique No. 2, Op. 104, Impromptu, Op. 108, Marche triumphale, Op. 109, Morceau lyrique No. 3, Op. 111, Legende, Op. 201, Au coin de feu, Op. 202, Varsovie mazurka, Op. 204, Introduction et chanson, Op. 220, Forever (WoO), Prelude et Impromptu, WoO, Study from Op. 19 (from Op. 100), Study from Op. 43 (from Op. 100)

"This exceptional a collection of music that all guitarists should own. This is a collection you play through for the sheer joy of music making. It reminds us of why we love the guitar and wanted to play it in the first place" CLASSICAL GUITAR, England

"a welcome addition to the Romantic guitar repertoire…their independent character differs agreeably from the overly familiar classics which are heard again and again." GUITAR AKTUEL, Germany

"I had never heard or played this composer's music before, and I must say I was delighted." BOSTON GUITAR SOCIETY NEWSLETTER


The Contemporary Guitar: An Anthology of New Music by Guitarist Composers (MB 99527, 2001. 102 pages)

This collection of new music, written by composers who are performing guitarists themselves, presents a collection of intermediate to advanced concert works that explores the musical and technical diversity of the contemporary guitar. Each composer offers a unique musical and technical perspective of what the contemporary guitar is --  the harmonic language ranges from jazz to atonality, the stylistic one from blues to minimalism, the cultural one from Eastern European to Celtic. Music by Delpriora, Gilardino, Hudson, Johanson, Kenyon, Marron, Mearns, Ourkouzounov, Piorkowski and Van der Veen.

"a weighty anthology of new music...." CLASSICAL GUITAR, England

"guitarist-composers composing for guitarists -- a journey around the world with contemporary music...exciting work for long evenings filled with outrageous sounds..." GITARRE AKTUELL, Germany.


Graded Repertoire for Guitar (vol. 1) (MB99630, 2001. 92 pages)

  • compiled with the aim of providing classical guitar students the most musically attractive, stylistically comprehensive, and inspiring music available, while at the same time realistically meeting the pedagogical needs of teachers
  • 75 of the most representative and attractive pieces of the student repertoire, including both well-known pieces and works not to be found in similar collections
  • introductory text and practice tips
  • arranged in three progressive levels
  • CD available

Easy music by Aguado, Carcassi, Carolan, Carulli, Domeniconi, Giuliani, Hudson, Koshkin, Manjon, Mertz, Morlaye, Nava, Rameau, Rak, Ribayez, Shand, Sor, Tesar, Winner, Yates, York, Zenamon.

"important new additions to the literature...heartily recommended" GUITART INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Graded Repertoire for Guitar (vol. 2) (MB 99630

  • compiled with the aim of providing classical guitar students the most musically attractive, stylistically comprehensive, and inspring music available, while at the same time realistically meeting the pedagogical needs of teachers
  • 70 of the most representative and attractive pieces of the student repertoire, including both well-known pieces and works not to be found in similar collections
  • introductory text and practice tips
  • didactic index
  • arranged by style period: 1) early-traditional; 2) classic-romantic; 3) contemporary

Easy-Intermediate music by Aguado, Ali, Bach, Calvi, Carcassi, Carolan, Carulli, Cutting, Dowland, Fuhrman, Garcia, Giuliani, Houghton, Hudson, Koshkin, Kuffner, Mertz, Murcia, Nava, Rak, Ribayez, Seth, Shand, Sor, Tesar, Visée, Yates, York and Zenamon.

Used in the Associated Board of the Royal Colleges of Music graded exams - UK & Australia


Stanley YATES En mode—22 Easy Character Pieces for Guitar (MB 20008, 2001. 23 pages)

En Mode is a set of 22 easy character pieces for guitar with a light contemporary flavor, "in the style of..." The intention has been to provide early students with pieces that cover a wider range of musical genres than is usually found in traditional "accessible" repertoire. Some of the pieces are grouped into suites appropriate for performance ("Three Japanese Pieces" and "Short Suite in Baroque Style"); other performance groupings are possible. The pieces are presented in progressive order.

CD available.

"a very useful and inspiring collection....each piece being a pleasure to play." CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

”important new additions to the literature...heartily recommended." GUITART INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Stanley YATES Etudes mécaniques—12 Easy-Intermediate Studies for Guitar (MB 2007, 2001. 23 pages)

These twelve "mechanical" studies for guitar are intended as an atmospheric modern counterpart to the classical arpeggio study, a fundamental aspect of right-hand training.

CD available.

"surprisingly evocative...this book has much to offer." CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

"important new additions to the literature...heartily recommended." GUITART INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE


Stanley YATES New Modern Guitar Method (vol. 1) (MB 21548, 2008. 88 pages)

  • new classical guitar edition of the world leading Mel Bay Classical Guitar Method
  • covers music reading, hand and sitting positions, practice techniques, arpeggio and scale technique, chordal and melodic playing, and solo and duet playing in the first position
  • teacher accompaniments are provided for many of the exercises and pieces
  • all student and teacher parts are included on the accompanying CD
  • instructional DVD available separately


Derk van der VEEN Blues and Ballads (MB 99456, 2001. 13 pages)

Blues and Ballads, written in 1996, is a set of three concert works for solo guitar in jazz-blues style.

"without doubt one of the best, if not the best, composition of its kind I have come across in recent years" CLASSICAL GUITAR, England

From Chanterelle Verlag


Charles DOISY Grand Concerto for Guitar and Strings (ECH 571 & 572, 2010)

Modern critical edition of a major guitar concerto from early nineteenth-century Paris (c. 1802-03)

score and parts ECH 571
piano reduction ECH 572


B. VIDAL Grand Concerto for Guitar and Strings (ECH 561 & 562, 2010)

Modern critical edition of the earliest known guitar concerto (Paris, c. 1793)

score and parts ECH 561
piano reduction ECH 562


Giovanni B. VIOTTI Concerto (No. 18) for Guitar and Strings (ECH 581 & 582, 2010)

Modern critical edition of Charles Doisy's period adaption for guitar of the well known Concerto No. 18 for violin by Giovanni Battista Viotti (Paris, c. 1804)

score and parts ECH 581
piano reduction ECH 582